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One of the most advanced typing programs available for Mac and PC

Keystroke is an advanced, cross-platform typing program. It has a range of features that make it ideal for learning privately, or in a classroom setting:

● It’s 100% free!
● It works natively with your screen reader be it VoiceOver, Window Eyes, JAWS or NVDA.
● It runs on Mac 10.10+, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
● It works with a braille display, and thus is accessible to the deaf-blind or ESL users.
● It has a “Keyboard Assistant” to provide feedback if you’re pressing keys incorrectly. (example: “The l key is 2 keys to
the right”)
● It’s very lightweight, only an 8MB download.
● It’s default lessons are designed to teach students to type correctly with both hands.
● You have the ability to add, edit, or remove your own custom lessons.
● You have the ability to import other people’s lessons or export your own.

Download Keystroke for the MAC:
Download Keystroke for the PC:

iFidget - A program to help prevent rocking and fidgeting

iFidget is a tool used to help people with habitual rocking or constant fidgeting. Often times these constant motions are subconscious and many people simply don’t realize they’re doing it. Unfortunately this can lead to issues if, for example you’re in a job interview. iFidget is meant to help alert a user to their behavior, it’s mostly meant to be used inside your pants pocket while sitting but can be placed in almost any pocket and still be useful. Once iFidget detects enough motion (you ccontrol the threshold) it’ll vibrate, or make sound.

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